Dear Friends

Thankfully we have been busy doing the great command of spreading the Gospel all over the place.  

We have been traveling over the Pennines the past few weeks to numerous events, including a Men’s curry night where over 60 men Christian and non-Christian attended.

Warren also spoke at a lively evening hosted by Douglas Greenfield with great testimony and questions form the audience.  

Warren spoke to the Youth of Selby in partnership with Church Army as some great debating took place with teenagers.

In Worcester Warren created a youth event using his Gladiator skills and a great testimony talk.

And finally the last weekend was encouraging as Warren was invited to speak at the Billy Graham events taking place in Lancaster and Leyland.  We were encouraged to hear that over 25 young people made commitments at the latest event.

We are grateful for all your conitued prayer support as we step out in our faith journey.


​Love & Blessings

Warren and Dee