Christian Ministry explained

Warren is  flexible and can work  in a number of different ways.  Each session will always include a positive Christian message and will help to highlight an awareness of the values, choices and goals we set, as well as the consequences of our choices.

We have a few different approaches, depending on the age range.
Younger children enjoy and can easily relate to our 'Gladiator' theme. Using props and dressup we tell a brief history of the Roman Empire, the effects of Christ's coming and the conversion to Christianity of Emperor Constantine, and the later decay and fall of the empire.
Warren has had opportunity at times to set up Gladiator combat games to engage the kids with carefully monitored physical activities.
Older children and youth will immediately connect to themes such as the challenges of a celebrity culture, the effects of the media, and how to find worth in todays world.  
Warren is able to talk about his experience making it fun and interactive.  We love to make time to talk about issues the young people raise themselves that can be  so vital to a teenager's life.

  • We are looking for new ways to work with children, so we are open to any ideas you may have for fun days, assemblies or educational sessions. Please contact us via our email address.
We want to keep faith alive in the next generation and we understand that sharing our testimony can inspire others to do the same.  As we spend time with Christians of all ages we are regulalrly encouraged by seeing the love of God working in people of different ages, ethnicities and levels of understanding. There is always the need for a safe place to just ask questions about God and life.  
Sadly many people end up in situations in their lives for which they are unprepared. Often addictions to such things as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, gambling or pornography play a big part in their downfall. This is an issue close to Warrens heart, having lost both his parents in tragic circumstances. He has a personal understanding of how these addictive behaviours can destroy lives from generation to generation. He offers his inspiring story and the message of Jesus to help people make u-turns in their lives - especially those who have given up hope. His presentation connects with people and they are given the opportunity to ask questions.  
We love to partner with other missions and have  worked with Alpha, Filling Stations and Cafe missons. So if you think we can help work alongside you, do please get in touch.