Welcome to our ministry.  Ace Active was formed with a passion to spread the Gospel.​​

Warren grew up in a sometimes difficult family and went on to appear in the hit 90's show 'Gladiators'.  He went from living life on the breadline to fame and fortune, and soon viewed the world very differently. But he found to his surprise that things are not always as they appear.  Though he was experiencing the celebrity lifestyle and enjoying a level of wealth that many craved, he did not find contentment. So he began to explore the purpose for his life.  

His is an interesting story with many aspects that connect to all of our lives.

Warren became a Christian a few years ago and is now keen to share his journey and help others discover the love of Christ . As both a gifted and entertaining communicator he connects well with all ages; children, youth and adults. He has been privileged to work in community projects, schools, prisons, local churches, missions, ministries and even alongside the Archbishop of York to spread a message that is relevant and vital in our modern society.  

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